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Glowing Up With Taylor

Makeup has been neglected over the last year. The need for face masks and the lack of special events for which to get dressed up has had many forgo the practice of wearing it altogether. But now that things are starting to open up, we have the opportunity to have fun with makeup again. I recently met up with Bella Mia's makeup artist, Taylor Hasty, to experiment with some new looks. I've included some photos and some information about the pricing.

BEFORE (No Makeup):

Natural- This is a very basic application that can be used for a day to day look. Taylor matched my color for an all over foundation to cover up redness and blemishes. She used neutral eyeshadows and a basic black mascara, cleaned up my eyebrows, and topped it all off with our best-selling nude lip-gloss "skinny dip". Including consultation and color matching, this look took about 25 minutes, but we think daily application could be cut down to 5-10 minutes once you get the hang of it. $35 is the base price for a tutorial or a natural makeup look like this one. Keep scrolling to see more advanced techniques!

Special Occasion- Of course the real fun with makeup starts when you add color and shadows, so for the second look we wanted to be a little bit more dramatic. Taylor used the same base but added a winged eyeliner, blush, and some more colorful eyeshadow and lipstick. This look takes 30- 45 minutes and starts at $50.

Costume/Glam- This last look was inspired by a themed event that I was planning to attend that day. We wanted to go big, so Taylor blended several shades of pink eyeshadow and a bright pink lipstick, used contouring and highlighting to add dimension, and added false eyelashes for an incredible glam effect. This look takes 45 minutes to an hour. This look starts at $60 with a $10 upcharge for the lashes.

We had so much fun with the false lashes that the owner of Bella Mia, Susan Locke, wanted to try them as well!

Application time may vary slightly. Taylor is also available for makeup tutorials (starting at $35). On location application is available but prices and application time vary- please call for a quote (336) 998-1645.

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