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Let's Talk Lashes (And Brows)!

"The eyes are the windows of the soul,” or so the expression goes, and in a post-Covid world that axiom is more true than ever. While masks continue to obscure our faces in public life, the eyes have become our main tool for visual expression. At the same time, at least for me personally, the desire to wear makeup to accentuate those peepers is *significantly* down. “What’s the point,” many women are saying, “when no one sees your face?”

So, how do we reconcile this ocular fixation with our new beauty habits (or lack thereof?) If you’ve never been acquainted before, I’d like to introduce you to the practice of Lash and Brow tinting.

In a nutshell, Lash and Brow tinting services use a safe natural dye to semi-permanently color your eyebrows and lashes. The color lasts three to four weeks and can be customized based on the color of your hair. The procedure takes less than half an hour and is relatively inexpensive (Bella Mia, for example, charges only $15 for brow tint, $22 for lash tint). The result is subtle enough to look totally natural, but also obvious enough that you *will* see the difference. When I got mine done for this write-up, I honestly was not expecting to care much about the result. To my surprise and delight, I completely fell in love and now I have a new addiction. Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who will listen.

What about people who have little-to-no brows/lashes to begin with? There’s good news on that front as well. Revitalash (and Revitabrow, respectively) is a product that has had remarkable results in growing hair and eyelashes and it is something we sell here at Bella Mia. It usually takes at least a month of daily application to see results, but I have personally seen what it can do and it is quite worth the wait.

We also carry Revitalash brow gel, mascara, and micellar cleansing water; all of which are top-of-the-line, miraculous cosmetic products. Mention this article when shopping at Bella Mia and get 10% off any Revitalash products!

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