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The Bella Pedicure

When you read our list of services, you may wonder how a Bella Pedicure differs from your average salon treatment. If you are accustomed to rows of chairs where women sit with their toes soaking in identical tubs, then the Bella Mia style may be unfamiliar to you. All our pedicures take place in individual rooms on a reclined seat using wash basins with disposable plastic liners. Water is never recycled and there are no jets or other moving parts that can sometimes store hidden bacteria from others.

When you come in for a Bella Pedicure, you will first lie down and soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin and nails. The technician will then apply an exfoliating scrub and file down any calluses or rough patches on your feet. She will clean and clip your nails to the desired length and provide a hot towel treatment and massage before applying polish. The full pedicure treatment lasts for one hour, during which many clients relax or fall asleep. This personalized treatment allows for maximum cleanliness and relaxation. Sounds pretty great, huh? Call (336) 998-1645 to schedule an appointment!

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31. Juli 2020

The can fall more sitting with other people..very private and extremely clean..wonderful atmosphere..ask for meena!

Gefällt mir
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